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Mission Statement

surgeryDr. Gregory Markarian’s mission statement is simple. Return all patient’s to their pre-injury level of function and eliminate their pain. He achieves this by staying on the cutting edge of technology, continually improving his  technique and knowledge of arthroscopic and reconstructive procedures and advancements in physical therapy treatments. His dedication and training have taken him around the world, lecturing and teaching. This expertise is effective in treating sports related, work related, and orthopedic injuries.

Over 99% of the operations performed by OAN are completely arthroscopic. These are for disorders of the knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle. Their arthroscopic approach enhances surgical outcomes and accelerates recovery. Typically, all surgery is performed on an outpatient basis where patients go home on the day of surgery and begin physical therapy the next day.

surgery-roomKnowledge and technique are not the only things that make a patient’s experience a positive one.  This is a physician owned private practice with no bureaucratic layers which allows the focus to remain simple: solely on patient outcomes and satifaction. Dr Markarian does not have employers or or a hospital to answer to only his patients. OAN conveniently offers most services under one roof, including x-ray, MRI, and physical therapy. In-house physical therapy makes communication between the surgical staff, physical therapists and patients efficient and effective. The ability to handle the different aspects of a patient’s care in the same office creates a better continuity of care.